Sunday, March 23, 2014

Will I make it large?

A few days back I was sharing a ride with CEO / founder of a well reputed firm and once the atmosphere was informal I asked him 'How does it feel to be at your position - well up in the ladder?' I wasn't asking out of the blue, very precisely I wanted to know -
  • How would I feel when I will reach there - contempt, even more hunger for success, proud, stressed out, rewarded, nothing unusual, etc. What are the unknowns - anything unexpected that I can not visualize at my current state
  • What will be my "Have I made it large" moment, it at all there would be any
He is one of the smartest guy I have ever known and I was expecting to get my answers. He told that he wonders if has made it large already? There are companies that grew faster than his while his company grew faster than most of the other companies. He answered my question with the carrot and stick approach. He explained how does the carrot keeps getting bigger as one grows. He wouldn't be satisfied with even $100 million daily revenue now even though $10 million would suffice earlier. This was something very obvious for me and I argued that if this is the only difference then his GHI (Gross Happiness Index) won't be any better than mine. Why would I then want to work hard to climb up at his stature?

It may be a funny argument for many - but people know money isn't happiness. Once you earn a decent living, BMW or Maruti don't make much of a different to your happiness index. At least not for me.

Coming back to our conversation, I think my argument struck a chord with him and he went deep with his answer. He told that he has went way ahead from his peers and he stands out when he goes in any gathering. I couldn't understand it either as I don't crave for any superiority among my peers. But after some discussion he clarified that he stands out not because he is up in the ladder, but because he has evolved himself far more than others.

That concluded it!

The most exciting reward is to evolve yourself, to be able to take better decisions and to drive the most happiness out of what ever nature has to offer to you. You work hard to stretch your own limits and feel proud of what you have already become. There is no limit to what you can grow to and it is the journey that matters.

He further explained the process of self evolution. Everytime you evolve and step up, you see new dimensions and new details where you can evolve. He quoted an example that he now cares for his company to be the "best place to work". This was never his target earlier. With time you evolve and find new dimensions to be a even better person. This is what you strive for.

Please let me know what is your 'I have made it large' moment in the blog comments on in email to me. I heard Shah Rukh Khan quoting on a TV commercial that if you have made it large then how could it really be "large" :)

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Empathy for animals

I was watching Delhi Safari - an animated Indian movie that describes how humans are destroying animals' habitat. I would applaud the movie crew for the complete movie and I liked the message this movie delivers.
A clip from the movie 'Delhi Safari' -

The Mahabharata, one of the epics of Hinduism has multiple mentions of the phrase Ahimsa Paramo Dharma (अहिंसा परमॊ धर्मः), which literally means: non-violence is the highest moral virtue. I believe non-violence derives from empathy towards others and it should be extended to not only fellow humans but also to animals. I understand the pyramid of food chain concept but there is more than food chain by which we harm animals. My idea of this blog is to share few lifestyle changes that we can adopt and show empathy for animals.
Larve steamed alive for silk
  1. Clothing - There are so many categories of clothes that come from brutally harming animals. Clothing industry creates them because we consume / wear them. There are so many eco-friendly clothing options that we can chose from. It is basically just choice! Non-leather shoes, belts and purses are as attractive and durable as others for common uses. Did you know approximately 15 silkworms are killed to make a gram of silk thread, and 10,000 are killed to make a silk sari. So either avoid silk clothes or opt for Ahimsa silk. Similarly read the way leather is produced, and make your choice if leather/fur goods are worth it when you have other options.
  2. Food Choices - Eating animal products (milk, egg, meat, etc) is one thing and can be (or may be can't) explained by pyramid of food chain. But the way these animals are treated to produce food is really horrible. Even if we (food consumers) are not treating the animals badly when they are alive, it is us who are paying for the complete package (food + food production & everything related to it). Unless consumers don't push the industry for treating animals with respect before they produce food, it won't happen. Till then we have our share of guilt when we consume this food which looks all clean and hygienic coming from our kitchens. We should be prudent to eat animal product that is marked 'cage free'. Watch Food INC for more details.
  3. Getting pets - It is on you if your pet dies due to lack of care. Some pets need a lot of care and make sure you are prepared and geared up to care responsibly.
  4. Habitat - I can not vouch for not destroying habitat / jungles - home of animals. But at least we should plant trees in our homes and put water for birds outside our house. Let us co-exist if we are invading their share of earth.
  5. Bird bath in front yard in 2005-06
    Water for birds outside home
    Please feel free to add more suggestions in comments that we can adopt in daily life and keep up the virtue of empathy.